Make your home smarter with Freelux intelligent solutions

Timer switch
Timer your energy consumption

Automatically switch off without having to think about it. Extremely suitable for lighting toilet, temporary rooms or switch auxiliary heating.

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Attendance simulation
Don't give burglars a chance!

During vacations or early and late darkness the twilight switch set provides automatic random switching of indoor lighting in the home. Many households use this simple plug and play solution. Install right out of the box no programming and works all year round 24/7!

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Astro time switch
Automatic lighting at every location

The Freelux astro time switch with integrated clock solution for automatically turning on/off and possibly dimming outdoor lighting from dusk to dawn, with possible interruption during the night.

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Fading dimming
From light to dark in 15 seconds

Turn off the lights as usual and experience the convenience of quiet extinction, allowing you to comfortably get into bed, leave the room or safely take the stairs.

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Spotless touchless operation

With a simple waving motion the lights on or off without any contact with possible bacteria on the switch. The wave switch is optimally hygienic and suitable for an immaculate environment!

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More than dimming
Different functions on 1 dimmer

Dim lamps manually or use the adjustable 4 different functions, without an app. This green LED dimmer provides comfort, flexibility and is energy-saving at the same time!

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Day and night control of your smart home

Freelux smart products

High-end lighting technology without programming


Add completely cordless smart functionality to your lighting management.


An automatic lighting plan keeps residents safe and deters burglars.

Energy Saving

Save with smart, dimmable lighting that burns only when needed.

Smart format

Our built-in products always fit into existing recesses.


With wireless, flexible solutions, you're ready for the future.

Quick installation

Each product is easy to install and takes effect automatically.


Your Freelux product works automatically and without programming.

With app

Connect your Freelux product to the app for more features.


The smartest lighting solution for any building

With Freelux you choose a future-proof, qualitative and flexible solution to give your lighting extra functionality. Quickly and effectively, without major modifications to your home or building!