Freelux astro time clock range

Automatic lighting at every location

The Freelux astro time switch range consists of unique, self-learning switches and dimmers (pressure or rotary) that seek the optimal balance between safe and energy-saving lighting based on geographical data.

Ideally suited for outdoor lighting, outdoor galleries and stairwells, as well as burglary prevention for indoor use. For dimmable lamps, the 250S/300S_2P/500S watt versions are available and non-dimmable lamps, a relay-contact version for a larger load up to 8A_2P or 10A is available.

How does it work?

The Freelux astro time clock determines its own geographical location and calculates for the entire year when the sun rises or sets. The clock then fully automatically adjusts the desired light level accordingly. Via the app, you can easily advance or leave the times and, in the case of dimmers, set the dimming levels.


The installation of the astro time switch is simple and you can replace 1 on 1 any single switch or dimmer without installation modifications or additional costs. Both a single-pole and double-pole light switch with 2/4-wire connection can thus be replaced by a Freelux time switch. Only a double-pole version requires a neutral wire at the switch/dimmer, otherwise you can choose the single-pole 2-wire version. Thanks to the low installation depth of 22mm, there is always enough space to connect the wiring in the wall box.

The cover material is of course supplied complete. However, you can also easily and appropriately finish the WIIS® time switch with system55 cover frames from various renowned installation material brands in many available colors and styles.

Technical data
Control dimensions 83 x 83 x 46 mm (dimmer) / 83 x 83 x 35 mm (switch)
Installation depth 22 mm
Tension 230V
Power 250 / 300_2p / 500 VA (dimmers) + 1800_2p / 2000 VA (switches)
Connection Plug-in terminals

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