Freelux hygiene switch

Spotless light control without touch

The Freelux hygiene switch Hygieia responds to a simple swinging motion from 5 centimeters away for lights on or off. This unique non-contact switch or dimmer with proximity sensor, for standard recessed wall boxes, eliminates the need for touch, ensuring optimum hygiene. Corona has greatly increased the reluctance to touch switches in public areas because they can spread bacteria and viruses. Applied in laboratories, hospitals, restaurants, food production, nurseries, nursing homes, offices, prisons, et cetera. In the private sphere, this technology also provides additional comfort and convenience in the kitchen, garage or workspace. For switching a large number of non-dimmable or dimmable LED fixtures.

How does it work?

The Hygieia is equipped with proximity sensors that eliminate the need for physical touch. With a remote moving hand, you easily turn the lights on or off, and with the dimmer version, you adjust the light level.


Installation of the Freelux hygiene switch is easy. The Hygieia is directly interchangeable with any existing switch or dimmer. Thanks to the low installation depth of 22mm, there is always enough space to connect the wiring in the wall box.

The housing is of course supplied complete. However, you can also easily and appropriately finish the light switch with cover frames from various renowned installation material brands in many available colors and styles.

Technical data
Dimensions 83 x 83 x 35 mm
Installation depth 22 mm
Tension 230V
Power 2000 VA
Connection Plug-in terminals

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