About us

Freelux B.V. is focused on the design, development and marketing of innovative electrotechnical products for lighting control and energy management in homes and buildings.

  • Since 2003 we have been active in the European installation market mainly as a producer, manufacturer and developer of private label products for several large international customers.
  • Started in-house product development and production in Vietnam in 2010 with the goal of short time-to-market and competitive pricing.
  • As of 2021, we have returned to the Dutch market with new branded products and concepts for business application.
  • In 2023, we started our own webshop to make our unique products accessible to consumers as well.

Freelux products build a solid bridge between the often already present wired functionality and the desired latest wireless technology with additional functions. Smart and simple!

Originally Dutch - Vietnam Origin

Freelux is now a Dutch-Vietnamese company with more than 20 years of experience in LED dim topologies, energy monitors and wireless protocols. Owner - CTO Andries Pasma, himself once employed at an installation company and a decade at Philips, started the company in 2003 in the Netherlands and has been leading product development and production in Vietnam since 2010.

Sales & Marketing manager Henk de Kroon is based in the Netherlands and has been the point of contact for the Dutch market since 2021. The in-house Vietnamese production stands for quality at an excellent price - exactly how Freelux wants to be in the market!

Our solutions

Freelux products can range from a standalone consumer solution for intrusion prevention or diverse dimmers to conceptual applications for lighting control and energy management in homes or buildings.

Product groups:

A wide range of "ordinary" digital LED rotary dimmers with or without additional function options such as built-in time functions: lag, random and time switch/ scene function.

The patented WIIS® concept, a wireless product program of switches, dimmers and controllers for LED lighting, consisting of two building blocks, a base element and a button module. You simply build the base element into the wall. The button module adds an intelligent (wireless) application of your choice in addition to control.

The new Freelux Home - LUMINOUS® for saving on conventional electrical installation in homes by combining Freelux wireless wall push and turn controls with smart wired central lighting points, ensuring flexibility, comfort light control and being prepared for smart lights.

The COMeWALL® residential concept under development, consisting of flexible prefabricated combinations of smart outlets & light controls for energy indication and wireless switching.

Related products Sensors & other including the successful twilight switch set, energy meters and smart plugs.

Products under development based on market demands or future developments.

All products are our intellectual property, developed by us and produced in-house in Vietnam. Distribution is handled by sister organization Oringe NBC B.V.


Freelux B.V. is a technology partner for various suppliers of electrotechnical solutions. From development support to commissioned production of OEM/ODM products is part of our expertise.

Many of our products are distributed by reputable customers under their own brand in the DIY and professional installation sector. Customer-specific requirements and wishes are effectively converted into affordable product solutions.

Value-added partnership:

- thinking technology partner for led controls;
- in-house product development;
- short lead time from factory to customer;
- a better price/performance ratio through short lines;
- Dutch owner with Vietnamese footprint;
- delivery from NL warehouse is optional.

Please feel free to contact us for more information!



The smartest lighting solution for any building

With Freelux you choose a future-proof, qualitative and flexible solution to give your lighting extra functionality. Quickly and effectively, without major modifications to your home or building!