Freelux fading dimmer

From light to dark in 15 seconds

The Freelux fading dimmer offers comfort and safety. Designed as a light switch, it can easily replace the existing switch. After mounting, the fading dimmer works fully automatically and can extinguish the light with 15 seconds of lag time. Ideal for bedrooms, (care) living areas, staircases or home exits. Aconvenience you quickly get used to!

How does it work?

Manually select any dimming setting you want with the Freelux fading dimmer. Once you've replaced the existing switch with the fading dimmer, turn off the light as you normally would. The light now gently fades to a minimum set brightness for orientation or completely to darkness.


Installation of the fading dimmer is simple. The dimmer is directly interchangeable with any existing switch. Thanks to the low built-in depth of 22mm, there is always enough space to connect the 2-wire in the wall box.

The cover material is of course supplied complete. However, you can also easily and appropriately finish the dimmer with cover frames from various renowned installation material brands in many available colors and styles.


Technical data
Dimensions 83x83x35 mm (max)
Installation depth 22 mm
Tension 1.2A or 2.1A
Power 250 or 500 VA
Connection plug-in terminals 2-wire/ 2.5 mm2 max

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