Freelux COMeWALL® housing concept

Install faster and smarter!

The COMeWALL® concept consists of a prefabricated combination of smart outlets & light controls.


The installation transition
Pluggable wireless installation is the ultimate combination with the highest productivity and no failure costs. Anyone can (may) perform such an installation with COMeWALL® switchgear. The electrical installation is reduced to just mains cables (phase, neutral and earth) in a unified mounting structure. No switch wires are needed between switch and light point and the location of a light point is not bound to the center box.

The energy transition
The uniqueness of COMeWALL® is the integration of connected technology: remote switching, dimming and energy awareness focused on energy control in relation to solar panels, heat pump, home battery, water heaters, et cetera.

A COMeWALL® component is already equipped out of the box with the desired cover material and connection cable, immediately ready for installation. When used in hollow walls, a wall box is not necessary, the COMeWALL® clamps itself into the wall plate. The COMeWALL® also fits in a fireproof wall box and in a cast wall box for concrete construction.

The COMeWALL® concept is flexible in the combinations of switches, dimmers and WCDs offered , it is delivered together with the requested integrated functionality to customer specification.

How is an electrical installation with COMeWALL® constructed?

  • Cables with connector 3-conductor 16A.
  • Units COMeWALL® wcd's and optional push/turn controls wireless.
  • Split connectors for ceiling or floor connection.
  • Led dimmer/switch for ceiling mounting.
  • Light switches (single/series) wire -and battery-less (can be freely placed).

Depending on customer requirements, WAGO, Wieland or Adels cabling can be selected.

The standard radio protocol is ENOCEAN where the electrical system can operate autonomously as wired with optional linking to smart devices and the Internet.

The COMeWALL® is flexible in design and it is possible to achieve a combination between wired with switch wires and wireless if desired. The housing is equipped with a 5/8" pipe input which still allows for plugless installation as well.

Some benefits include:

++ Quick and easy installation of electrical switchgear (anyone may perform it).
++ Built-in functionality such as energy indicator and wireless switching.
++ Simplified cabling (only power supply + ground).
++ The location of a light point is not tied to the center box (not necessary even).
++ Affordable, no pre-assembly and no failure costs.

COMeWALL® available on request only

Freelux COMeWALL®

Install faster and smarter!

With COMeWALL® you choose a living concept with flexible prefabricated combinations of smart outlets & light controls for energy indication and wireless switching.

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