Push button | Astro time switch | LED dimmer | 230VAC - 500VA/2.1A | 7016

Complete Astro pressure dimmer with dimming function 500 watts. Included in the set are a dimmer, push button, inner frame and matching cover frame in anthracite matt lacquered.

The Astro time clock is a self-learning dimmer that automatically switches lights at sunrise and sunset including additional time settings and dimming levels. Suitable for manual and remote switching of a wide range of dimmable LED fixtures.

Caution! Depending on the type of LED lighting, when using many small lights/spotlights of 3W -5W, a few may continue to glow at the off position. In that case, mount a dimmer stabilizer parallel to the fixture (e.g. chandelier) or choose a dimmer with lower power (250W/VA) if possible.

From the WIIS® concept, this push button can always be replaced for another form of operation.


  • Self-learning dimmer that determines location based on Google maps;
  • For intrusion prevention through presence simulation with flexible indoor and outdoor lighting;
  • 1-to-1 interchangeable with existing switch/dimmer;
  • control and adjust via free Bluetooth app.

In this webshop, you can also assemble the set from individual components in a different color or finish it with the cover frames from many other System 55 manufacturers, if desired.

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Technical data
Article code 7361301414
EAN code 8715422154553
Model BEDIM-500S BM-BLE_BASIC_1 7016
Color Anthracite matte lacquered
Tension 230VAC-500VA/2.1A
Load at 25 °C Incandescent lamps - 1 ... 500 W | HV halogen lamps - 1 ... 500 W | Electronic transformers - 1 ... 500 W/VA | Electronic transformers with LV LED - 1 ... 500 W/VA | HV LED lamps dimmable - 1 ... 500 W/VA | Energy-saving lamps dimmable - 1 ... 200 VA
For dimmable HV LED lamps and electronic transformers with LVled, the max. connection power depends on the lamp P(ower) F(actor) At PF ~ 1 this corresponds to 500W, at lower PF 500VA must be adhered to. Non-dimmable LED lamps usually have a PF ~ 0.6 which limits the switchable power to 320W or even lower: Ohms capacitive - 1 ... 500 W/VA | Ohms and HV LED - 1 ... 500 W/VA | Ohms and energy-saving lamps - 1 ... 200 W/VA | Capacitive-inductive - Not permitted | Inductive transformers with LV LED - Not permitted | Inductive transformers - Not permitted | Ohms-inductive - Not permitted.