Applications and accessories

Discover Freelux' s smart products and make your home smart!

Freelux twilight switch
Don't give burglars a chance and feel safe

With the Freelux twilight switch, you can outwit burglars. The lights switch on automatically one after the other when darkness falls and switch off again in turn. At night, each lamp comes on briefly for a while. No routine to recognize, without having to do anything!

Freelux astro time clock range
Automatic lighting at every location

The Freelux astro time clock is the solution for automatically turning on/off and possibly dimming outdoor lighting. Programming switching times and light levels becomes unnecessary thanks to the smart, location-oriented Bluetooth technology!

Freelux hygiene switch
Spotless light control without touch

You operate the Freelux hygiene switch Hygieia with a swinging motion right in front of the panel. Without any contact with possible bacteria on the switch. This makes the wave switch optimally hygienic and suitable for an immaculate professional or personal environment!

Freelux fading dimmer
From light to dark in 15 seconds

Turn off the light as usual and experience the convenience of quiet extinction. With the Freelux fading LED dimmer from our WIIS® concept, the lamp gradually goes out in 15 seconds, allowing you to comfortably leave the room or safely take the stairs.

Freelux EcoLogic 250 dimmer
Different functions on 1 dimmer

This smart, energy-saving rotary dimmer has many features. You can use it manually to dim the light. In addition, you can program 4 different functions directly in the dimmer, without an app. Flexible and user-friendly!


The smartest lighting solution for any building

With Freelux you choose a future-proof, qualitative and flexible solution to give your lighting extra functionality. Quickly and effectively, without major modifications to your home or building!

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