Freelux digital led rotary dimmers

Smart LED dimmers for added comfort

No-nonsense 2-wire rotary dimmers and much more than that!

In addition to the various Freelux WIIS® dimmers, we also supply quality digital dimmers with or without additional features.

From an output of 150 - 250 - 500 watts, additional functions, built-in, multi control (master-slave) to a duo dimmer.

On S-types you can set 4 different functions, without an app:

- Time clock/scene function

- Random function

- Fixed dimming level

- After-run time

You can finish the LED dimmers with all A-brand cover materials.

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Available digital LED rotary dimmers

Freelux EcoLogic 250 dimmer
Different functions on 1 dimmer

This smart, energy-saving rotary dimmer has many features. You can use it manually to dim the light. In addition, you can program 4 different functions directly in the dimmer, without an app. Flexible and user-friendly!

Freelux digital led rotary dimmers

No-nonsense green 2-wire rotary dimmers

With our LED rotary dimmers, you choose the added value of a full digital dimmer with integrated functionalities for greater comfort, safety and energy savings. These quality dimmers fulfill the user's desire without immediately increasing the price.

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